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Sunscreen - The Best Anti Aging

Sunscreen – Best Anti-Ageing Regime

Summer is all about dry winds, hard sun and dust all around. All skin types tend to behave little more oily and sweaty than their natural texture.The full glare of the summer sun contains a lot of harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiations which are the number one cause of skin cancer. Your skin gets burnt or highly tanned and you appear darker than you actually are. So for decades now, skin care and health experts have been requesting men and women to wear an effective sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. its very important to adapt a specific sunscreen your daily ritual to avoid sunburn and hyper pigmentation. Here are some best sunscreens available around.

  • Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF 50: Oily/ Normal skin
  • Ansolar Daily Use skin gel creme SPF 30: Oily skin
  • Seba Med Sunscreen : Sensitive skin
  • Aroma Magic Aloe Vera Sunscreen Gel SPF 20:combination /oily skin
  • Sunmate SPF 30 Gel Creme: Oily skin
  • Ranbaxy Suncros Gel SPF 26: Oily skin
  • Lotus Herbals Sandalscreen: Dry skin
  • Vichy Capital Soleil Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid;Normal/ Dry skin

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